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miércoles, 20 de agosto de 2014

Spanish words that have no translation into some languages

These words do not exist in English and that’s the reason why they use the long periphrasis one-legged woman (coja) and one-eyed man (tuerto). A bit long, aren't they?

There is not any word in French that defines a late middle-aged housewife that likes soap operas (maruja).


This word that comes from cattle. In German “trapicheo” would be “Kuhhandel”, that means literally “trade of cows". However this word has a different look: it is used in politics, finances and arm dealers while in Spanish it is used for drugs and in street markets.


Chapuza is the work done without taking great pains. Although “chapuza” is a shoddy piece of work in English or fazer una gambiarra in Portuguese, they do not express exactly the Spanish meaning as we can see in the picture.
In Arabian it doesn't exist any word or expression and in order to express it we would have to say:  “عندما يفاجأ شخص من شيء وضعو العيون الكبيرة و المستديرة مثل الصحون”, that means “when someone is surprised and they are wide-eyed."

Do you know any other word that has no translation into another language? Do you have any idea of how to translate the previous examples?

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  1. Some of this words are hard to understand in diferents spanish speakers countrys. For example in Mexico anyone use "chapuza", in Mexico you can said "chambita" it's so closer.