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martes, 12 de agosto de 2014

Curiosities about the Way of Saint James

Plaza de Santiago in Logroño, Spain via
The floor tiles of the Plaza de Santiago in Logroño imitate several squares of Game of the Goose that seems to have a relationship with the Way of Saint James. According to some researchers, behind this game there lies an Encrypted Guide created by Templars, in which the keys to discover how to get to and from the Way of Saint James are hidden. The game would be the Way where each square corresponds to a stage and geese (sacred animals in mythology) represent safe places where warriors of this Order could shelter. The other squares such as the well, the labyrinth or death would not be safe places for the Order.

However, the discovery of the Phaistos Disk in 1908 in the ruins of Minoan palace of Phaistos on the Greek island of Crete created a new line of research about the origins of the game. This disk belongs to the Middle Minoan III period (from 1580 to 1700. C). It consists of a circular disk made of clay. Both sides of the disk contain a spiral divided in cells 30 and 31 with several drawings, among which we can appreciate eight birds that could be geese.

Do you guys do you think? What is the true version?

The Game of the Goose via

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