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jueves, 31 de julio de 2014


As you may know, "PARA vs. POR" causes a lot of confusion. Both mean "for" in English, but they are not interchangeable. In order to know whether to use por or para, you basically have to think about the purpose. Below you will find the rules and uses of “para” and “por”.

"PARA" - Rules, Uses & Examples
·         to indicate destination
Voy para Madrid. (I'm leaving for Madrid.)

·         to indicate an object's use or purpose 
El plato es
 para la paella. (The plate is for the paella.)

·         to mean "in order to" or "for the purpose of" 
Para hacer la tarta, hace falta azúcar. (To make the cake, you need some sugar)

·         to indicate a recipient or beneficiary 
Este regalo es
 para mi abuela. (This gift is for my grandmother.)

·         to express a deadline or specific time
Mi ensayo es
 para el miércoles. (My essay is due on Wednesday.)

·         "estar para" to express an action that is about to be completed
 para comer. (We are about to eat.)

"POR" - Rules, Uses & Examples
·         to express movement along, through, around, by or about
Dimos una vuelta
 por la ciudad. (We took a walk through the city.)

·         to indicate some sort of exchange
 por el libro. (Thank you for the book.)
Te doy 20 euros
 por el collar. (I'll give you 20 euros for the necklace.)

·         to indicate a time or duration when something occurs
Me gusta tomar un té
 por la tarde. (I like to have a tea in the evening.)

·         to express the reason for an action 
Se engordó
 por falta de ejercicio. (He got fat for lack of exercise.)

·         to mean "in favor of", "on behalf of", "supporting"
 por el candidato demócrata. He supports the democratic candidate.

·         to express a means of communication or transportation 
Habló con su tía
 por teléfono. (She spoke with her aunt on the phone.)

·         to express a general time, meaning "during"
Me gusta tomar un café
 por la mañana. (I like to have a coffee in the morning.)

·         "estar por" meaning to be in the mood or inclined to do something
ir de compras. (I'm in the mood for going shopping)

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