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miércoles, 16 de julio de 2014


The next 21st October, the 23rd edition of the Diccionario de la lengua española will be published, it coincides with the third centenary of the Real Academia Española. The dictionary will consist of 2,400 pages and the number of articles will be more than 93,000. This is great news because inside the dictionary there will be included 19000 Americanisms which now become part of official Spanish.

23rd edition via RAE

Those who are learning Spanish as a foreign language will appreciate the fact that now they can make use of a big part of their daily vocabulary and through an slight adaptation in the writing they can reach a perfect communication in both languages.

Some examples of the included words are: “dron (drone in English): unmanned airship” or “jonrón (home run in English): in baseball, piece of play where the batter hit the ball sending it outside the field, which allows him to run all the bases and score a run”. Besides the previous ones, it is important to highlight that 10% of the 200,000 meanings of the dictionary are Americanisms. Darío Villanueva, secretary of the RAE, explains: We want the Dictionary to be a reference in the whole world. We were criticized because in the sport language they were particularly represented the Spanish terms and in this edition we have also included American words. 

With these changes the rapprochement between languages is even more evident, and learning to speak Spanish will be increasingly easier.

In Spanish Language Route, this news is an inspirational endorsement which keeps encouraging us to continue with the work of teaching Spanish.

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